Global Fashion Plus

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Our very own initiative GLOBAL FASHION PLUS -GFP is here, we are a young team with professional , new and fresh ideas from various backgrounds in the field of Sourcing, Quality, Designing, Logistics, Shipping, Branding and Compliance. The undisputed power of team got together to exchange Ideas, bring Innovation, deliver Excellence, unmatched Performance, unparalleled Reliability, outstanding Value for money and information for the guests.

With the rapid change in the global market, we understand the importance of importing merchandise from the international market becoming increasingly apparent. With this thought, the team works to turn the ideas of retailers, wholesalers, importers and specialty stores into Product designing & development, provides Planning assistance (Visual Merchandising), Sourcing Merchandise, Negotiating the product, Meeting on-time delivering expectations, Providing expert Packaging and Labelling Solutions, Maintaining Compliance and Quality standards, along with Brand Management and Brand Promotion. Trust is built with consistency. Buyers need a sourcing agency which  is competent, reliable and trustworthy.

Trust is the glue of life. It’s the most essential ingredient in effective communication. It’s the foundation principle that holds all relationships.
A competent sourcing agent should be a product expert. If he does not know the product, he will not know how to plan quality control, he will not know the costing, and cannot negotiate the price properly. He might not even know where to buy product.We have gained our buyers trust by working on the principle  of the E's of EXCELLENCE-ENERGY+ENTHUSIASM+EXECUTION=EXCELLENCE. The experience in the sourcing agency of 6 years gives us the knowledge of quality control, price negotiation, product research and development enabling us  to deliver a solution to the buyers.

GLOBAL FASHION+ agency works essentially as an insurance plan for product developers and retail buyers, acting as their overseas eyes and ears. As your trade consultant we will work with you to find, select and manage your supplier. We take the stress and risk out of importing. Benefiting from us in locating quality suppliers, conducting plant audits, writing and interpreting specifications, product and quality control inspections, and supply chain logistics.

GLOBAL FASHION+ is set to change the way you source, execute and deliver.

GLOBAL FASHION+ promises unique experience of trust, quick turn-around, delight, simplicity & expertise.

GLOBAL FASHION+ is versatile; it has got everything for everyone to accomplish every single need.



Don’t be limited to what we have listed here. Whatever product you are currently purchasing from your supplier that you believe to be too costly for your business, send the details over and we will beat it on price